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Author Topic: CIA manipulate Trump delaying JFK doc release hiding 66 yr old embarrassment or?  (Read 291 times)

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The evidence below supports that CIA in 2018 attempted to hide the fact David Gilmore Baldwin was a covert CIA agent in 1952.
Could this be the reason,

....and how endemic was the ruse pulled by CIA under Pompeo resulting in the delay of law required 2017 document
release, or is this just a rare example?

From John Armstrong papers, Baylor Univ. Digital Collection
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Is this example of recent CIA redactions in this doc that was "released" long after 2017 JFK Assassination document release deadlined
by law, a rare exception, or is it evidence CIA conned Trump and American people in selfish interest of CIA reputation maintenance efforts?

Released in full in 1998, CIA delayed re-release until April, 2018, contrary to the release deadline required by law.
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JFK Assassination Records - 2018 Additional ... - National Archives
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The National Archives is releasing documents previously withheld in accordance with the .... 31472, 104-10437-10092, 04/26/2018, Redact, CIA, 09/11/1967

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Tom S.   January 25, 2016 at 7:24 pm
....From the names, the ?parts? fit like a glove, right down to Photon ignoring the question of why he said David G. Baldwin could not be a covert CIA
agent. I?ll be happy to revise my comment about the CIA docunents not fitting the scenario if you can tell us who ?Mrs. Lillian Baxter? was?
The CIA alleges she caused David G. Baldwin to be drummed out of covert CIA cover in India, and he came back to the U.S. to be hired by Shaw at the ITM.
She is described as of dual U.S. and Indian citizenship, formerly married to a planter, but now a prostitute possibly spying for the Soviets:
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Nicholas B. Lemann is either witting and disgraceful, or he is too stupid to earn his Dean position on the merits, and that won?t change, no matter
your opinion of the documents in the Garrison files. Someone came pretty close to describing what was actually going on?.I?m talking about the
memo by William Martin dated May 24, 1967, not the CIA documents telling us the sordid tale of Baldwin leaving the CIA in disgrace, or Quaid?s
letter developing into a matter under Angleton?s name on a memo when the reaction to his letter began with a routince check with a DCS rep. in NOLA....
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BTW, in another forum this week, speculation was posted attempting to link Louis Mortimer Bloomfield of Montreal, CA,
with the Memphis, TN building contractor Bloomfield who built the new NOLA Trade Mart building. I have found no family link between those two Bloomfields.

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Born   Louis Mortimer Bloomfield  August 8, 1906
Westmount, Quebec, Canada
Died   July 19, 1984 (aged 77) Jerusalem
Nationality   Canadian Alma mater   McGill University University of Montreal
Occupation   Lawyer, Businessman      Board member of   Permindex
Spouse(s)   Justine Adelaide Stern
Louis Mortimer Bloomfield (August 8, 1906 ? July 19, 1984), K.St.J., Q.C., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L., was a Canadian lawyer, businessman, and soldier.[1][2] Bloomfield was recognized as a leader of the Canadian Jewish community.[3] Proponents of some John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories have alleged he was tied to the shooting through the Office of Strategic Services, the Central Intelligence Agency, and Permindex.[4]
Early life and family
Bloomfield was born August 8, 1906 Westmount, Quebec near Montreal, a city in which his family had roots since the early nineteenth century.[1][3][5] He had a brother, Bernard, and three sisters, Dorothy, Florence, and Myrtle.[6]

On February 16, 1969, he married Justine Adelaide Stern.[5]

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by ALonzo G. Ensenat  1974

.....And so it was that on March 29, 1961 the articles of incorporation of the New Orleans
International Trade Building Corp. were signed by Zetzmann, Cobb, Lehde, Barranger,
and Ashel Cooper Jr., an insurance executive also associated with the Hecht Estate, for
the purpose of ?constructing, acquiring, owning, leasing and operating? what was to be a
new and grander building to house the International Trade Mart.
The building was constructed by Bloomfield at cost, with the provision that Bloomfield
would share in the profits produced from rentals on a 50-50 basis for the first 20 years
and on a basis of 75% to the Mart and 25% to Bloomfield thereafter until the 56th year
of the building?s erection, at which time title would revert back to the city of New
It was quite a thrill to attend the Topping Out Ceremony held on July 6, 1965 and to
read all the flattering things published in the press and broadcast on TV and radio about
the new landmark for New Orleans. Even the Paris European English edition of the New
York Herald-Tribune published a special supplement paying tribute to this new concept
of global trade sponsorship. It is a beautiful building, designed by famed architect
Edward Stone and now stands as a distinguishing symbol at the entrance to New
Orleans harbor, just as the Sugar Loaf Mountain does at the entrance to Rio de Janeiro
or the Statue of Liberty when entering New York Harbor.

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Hot Property: Midcentury modern loaded with custom-built extras
Tom Bailey, USA TODAY NETWORK ? Tennessee Published 8:00 a.m. CT Jan. 26, 2018
The pantheon of Memphis builders includes the late Harry Bloomfield, who built them high and low.

He built structures like the 37-story 100 North Main Building, Memphis City Hall, St. Jude Hospital, Claybrook Medical Center, the old Memphis Public Library, the Parkway House and, in 1957, his own family's one-story midcentury modern home.

That deceptive East Memphis house has hit the market for only the third time in 60 years.

Motorists who pass 355 Waring Road might be surprised to learn that the low-slung home hidden behind lush landscaping offers 5,895 square feet of living space, five bedrooms, five full baths and two half-baths.
"It's too large and airy to be called a 'man cave,' with its windows and glass doors,'' she wrote.

That room was mentioned in a 1962 article about Bloomfield in The Commercial Appeal.

"He built his home at 355 Waring Road three blocks from his mother, Mrs. Bertha Bloomfield, at 274 St. Andrews Fairway,'' the story states. "A back room of his home is filled with gym equipment. He started exercises and weight lifting about three years ago because he was getting flabby, he said.''

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Joseph Bloomfield
BIRTH   10 Mar 1880
DEATH   12 Feb 1944 (aged 63)
Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA
Baron Hirsch Cemetery

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Bertha Pearlman Bloomfield
1892?1972 (m. 1909)
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