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Author Topic: Dirk Kunert  (Read 2094 times)

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Re: Dirk Kunert
« Reply #8 on: April 02, 2019, 08:58:25 PM »
More likely, it was Dr. Robert J Morris, former president of University of Dallas, chief counsel of SISS twice, and as recently as
in 1958, behind Dirk, if Kunert indeed somehow got a clearance (as a foreigner in the US on a student visa, how is granting
of such clearance even possible?), and attorney to Edwin Walker.

According to the article, Morris left the University of Dallas in 1962.  I think all this sheds some light on how the German newspaper picked up the Walker and Oswald story with Kunert having connections to right wingers and involved in the investigation of the JFK assassination in some capacity in Dallas.  There would have been good reason to speculate that the Walker and JFK events were related and perpetrator might be the same person.  Would Kunert need some type of "clearance" to interview Paine on behalf of the SISS?  Maybe the someone at the SISS just reached out to a known acquaintance in Dallas (Morris or Kubek) for assistance and they recommended Kunert.  Wouldn't happen today but maybe in 1963.  I wonder if the Sept. 11, 1963 date is when Kunert first came to Dallas or whether he had previously been attending UD and just reflects his coming back from Germany to attend another year?