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Author Topic: Why do some people believe in conspiracy theories?  (Read 12175 times)

Offline Bill Chapman

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Re: Why do some people believe in conspiracy theories?
« Reply #190 on: May 18, 2019, 05:09:16 AM »
   What an ultra-sensitive paranoid!Sez U--- How's that for literary panache?

If you're not attempting to characterize me as an UFO nut, then tell us why you felt compelled to take my use of 'UFO' out-of-context and (for some strange reason) had a need to 'explain' UFO phenomena.
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Offline Peter Kleinschmidt

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Re: Why do some people believe in conspiracy theories?
« Reply #191 on: May 18, 2019, 07:53:07 AM »
If you don't think Oswald was on the steps during Wiegman and Couch-Darnell "steps footage," where do you think he was?

In the Domino Room?

In the 2nd Floor Lunch Room?

In the Sniper's Nest?

It's not important??


Why do you feel so important that you think you can make ambiguous "debate-winning" statements that you don't need to clarify for us as you walk away "in victory"?

E.g., "As opposed to footage showing Oswald was not where the WC narrative attempts to place him."

What footage are you referring to above, Whatever-Your-Name-Is?

Don't care to say, because other than possibly Prayer Person in Wiegman and Couch-Darnell, there isn't any (unless, of course, you're a devotee of the Harvey and Lee and ... Gasp ... Two Marguerites Cult), and you're talking about Cubi Point, or some-such place?

-- MWT  :)
You ask where I thought Oswald was if I didn't think he was on the steps?

Answer: The world is a big place.  I know one thing, I did not see him on the steps I say that only if the photos were not altered. The point is I don't think he was on the steps, you don't think he was on the steps, others believe he was on the steps. If he was not on the steps it's not a game changer but you think it is by suggesting there was only one place for him to be, the SFW. There is not a human being in the SFW and there is not even a plant or animal in the SFW. I saw a cardboard box, did you think someone was in a box? Tell me, I promise not to laugh.


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