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Author Topic: Dick Stolley says photographers took photos of JFK being carried in at Parkland  (Read 5590 times)

Offline Robert Reeves

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Was watching a Sixth Floor Museum interview with ex Life Magazine editor Dick Stolley and he claims photographers at Parkland hospital took photographs of JFK being carried out of the limo.

At 11:40 of the video below he says:

he was taken to Parkland Hospital grievously wounded, huge wound in his head, and um, journalism was a little different then, there were photographers, and I'm told photographers got pictures of him being carried in and they behaved - there was a code of conduct that no longer exists, everyone was truly stunned, the reporters and photographers behaved, the photographers even more so (laughs) they were an uncontrollable bunch, that whole day was a lesson in an America that no longer exists

I've watched the clip again and again ... he says ''I'm told photographers got pictures of him being carried in and they behaved'' I wonder if that person also told him about the ''huge wound in his head'' that might have been on view in these alleged photos at the entrance to Parkland.

Has anyone else ever heard of these photos? are these photographs documented?

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Offline Barry Pollard

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Bob Jackson says today that his biggest regret is getting out of his car, honestly, why would he have preferred to stay in it? Well he's still under the illusion that he would have followed the President to Parkland and perhaps got some pictures, of what? You know what and which publication could resist using them? Certainly none of those that showed LHO getting shot, perhaps a little editing here and there but of course they would have loved something like that and Jackson knows it as does Dick.

Gary Mack asked Stolley the question, would CBS have shown the Zfootage and he got I think an unexpected answer, of course they would, so on the one hand the man says journalism had better standards back and then gives examples(the other being the Dan Rather incident) where it's just as "bad" as it is today...

The fact is that like CC1 and 2 Jackson would have gone straight to the Trade Mart not PH. That's where Wiegman, Atkins and the rest went after around a minutes pause in the plaza. They were left behind, had to find thier own way and had no idea if JFK was even hurt so they went straight to the prearranged destination and that is documented, at least verbily. Stolley may have heard something sure but the only possibilty in my mind would be a bystander or staff member who just happened to be standing outside the hospital with a camera and someone somewhere would have no problem publishing them, so says Dick with forked tongue.

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Nice piece of non verbal communication from Gary at 13:10 :'(

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While I doubt this story . . .  there was a white photographers' car, a convertible, maybe a Chevy, in the motorcade.  It slowed down to let someone get back on it as it sped away. 

Where did that car end up?   The Trade Mart or Parkland?