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Author Topic: Shirley Martin; 1st gen kook  (Read 852 times)

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Shirley Martin; 1st gen kook
« on: March 02, 2019, 05:29:01 PM »
Shirley Martin was one of those dedicated first generation CTers. To say that she was a kook because she was a CTer would not be justifiable but it is justifiable to call her a kook because she was. This from an FBI interview


The Special Agents arrived at the home of Mrs. Martin at approximately 5:26 P. M., after reaching her on the telephone to make an appointment. On the telephone she had said, "Why don't you come right on out?" Mrs. Martin and her daughter were standing in her front door as Agents approached the gate to the wire-type Cyclone fence surrounding her house; however, she made no motion and spoke no word to reassure some five barking, growling dogs in her yard. In evident amusement, Mrs. Martin stepped from her house as the Agents, who had ignored the dogs, approached. She announced, "Well, you have passed the first test. You are the first people who have not shown fear of my dogs."

There's more anecdotes about the meeting with Mrs. Martin that reveal, IMHO, what a real kook she was. Apparently, she thought she was entitled to speak only in front of the Commission, as if she had been a witness or was someone who had something of value that would be of importance to the investigation.


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