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JFK Beyond the Usual Suspects e- book Amazon
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   We should consider the Texas Book Depository to Triple Underpass Pass scenario from a tactical perspective. We have three active teams, each comprised of a spotter, a shooter, and a breakdown man. Team number one on the sixth floor of the depository is featuring BLS behind the trigger of an antique junker Carcano allegedly purchased by Oswald. Team two is situated on the south knoll and features FrF behind the trigger of a suppressed (silenced) accurized M14 sniper rifle underneath a state of the art Hensoldt Wetzlar 4X scope. Team three behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll, is featuring LNDO. behind the trigger of a M16 Colt Commando select fire positioned on semi-auto with twenty round clip, open combat sights and a collapsible stock. They’ve all agreed not to risk putting Bob Lee’s first shot on target for fear of hitting Kennedy’s shoulder and knocking him down behind the seat. As the limo approaches the Stemmons Freeway sign, the Nailer fires a diversionary shot striking the pavement in front of the underpass, nicking Teague with bits of concrete debris. Teague’s attention is focused forward away from Frank by the bullet strike while the report draws most people’s attention to the TBD. Frank’s been bragging for days about how he can make this headshot ten out of ten times, in his sleep with one hand tied behind his back. Through his precision German glass Fetticini draws a bead, but damnation, the best laid plans and all; nobody figured beforehand that the steel windshield/roof support of the limo would directly shield Kennedy’s forehead. Just a teeny bit flustered, rather than a grapefruit sized brain shot, now he’s got a much smaller target, a pin pong ball sized spinal column at 150 yards, through the windshield, at a non-stationary target from a cold barrel. A flicker of doubt. He draws a bead on the president’s four-in hand-knot and squeezes off his best shot from behind the rampart on the southeast side of the underpass. Close but no cigars, nicking the tie knot, entering Kennedy’s throat and exiting his back, missing the spine by a skosh, perhaps deflected a fraction while passing through the windshield and preferring discretion to valor, knowing that the ice cold specter of unmitigated evil, certain death, looms directly behind the picket fence, all bets are off and FrF didis for his casa in Miami. Meanwhile back on the sixth floor, BLS has ejected the spent casing and lined up a shot on target with the defective telescopic sight of the mystery junker Carcano and BANG. Although Connelly is hit hard, technically it’s a miss. Confusion reigns. The limousine lumbers onward at a snail’s pace, William Greer riding the brake pedal, his treachery forever immortalized by a crystal clear Altgens snapshot. Now it’s up to LNDO who is playing the position of what would be safety on a football team, he would prefer Kennedy to be headshot by now so he could walk off without taking the risk, but this is simply not the case. This could be the hardest shot of the three if the limo is floored and accelerating rapidly away from the deadly ambush. Or a gimme if it is stopped or moving slowly. Dozens of eye witnesses say the limo came to a momentary stop as it approached the grassy knoll - but makes no never mind; a boattail soft point 223 slug tumbles as it screams through the air, hits JFK’s skull point up, mushrooms, blows out the backside of his head scattering and splattering bone fragments and brain matter just like all the witnesses and all the doctors at Parkland said. Lord have mercy.
   LNDO smiles proudly, turns and collapses the stock, his carbine disappears under his spotter’s jacket and they calmly walk away; his breakdown man flashes the Secret Service badge, and vanishes into thin air. Bob Lee’s spotter counts the third report, witnesses the carnage, drops the third defective cartridge casing on the floor and exits stage left just seconds behind the Nailer. There it is. A primo plan, an OK, fixable result. If the grassy knoll shooter doesn’t hit with his first shot, he can easily get off a dozen more well-aimed shots on target from the twenty round clip --- but with them goes the patsy angle. Think about it, he delivered a pressure shot right on target allowing the patsy plan to proceed and flourish --- it wasn’t a hard shot because it was like a stationary grapefruit sized target at thirty-five yards, but while both his buddies had failed to deliver, the ice man drilled the target with his first shot. A pressure shot, you got to know this guy was a real professional mechanic who hated Kennedy’s guts for abandoning his buddies at the Bahia de Cochino and would have emptied the entire clip and taken his chances if necessary. But it wasn’t! The third shot, the shot heard ‘round the world --- if LNDO chokes, well you can measure his and his buddies’ life spans more efficiently in hours rather than days. There are some seriously freaked out folks at JM/WAVE as it is. This was a well-conceived plan and none of these guys, not one of them, not in a hundred million years would ever team up with a flakey smart ass bitch-dude like Lee Harvey Oswald to hit the most powerful man on the planet --- get real - no way - never happen!!! Oswald although a proficient, perhaps excellent shot on a firing range with a modern semi-automatic M1 (no bolt to work) was a patsy – not a member of the professional hit squad that took down John Kennedy.

     Years later in an interview with Marita Lorenz during the HSCA investigations, Lorenz speaks of a highly secret meeting in Orlando Bosch’s home in which there was “talk of a highly powerful rifle,” discussions of “feet,” “building,” “timings,” “contacts,” “silence,” etc. with a street map of Dallas on the table. “In Bosch’s house that evening I called Ozzie a “chivato” to Frank and when Ozzie challenged me, I asked him “How did you know the meaning of the word?” (It was Fidel’s favorite word for informant, traitor.)”
    Sometime in Nov. 1963, still associating with Frank, Marita told her pal “Sure I would go with him and others in two cars to Dallas.” I was under the impression we would take an armory as we had done before. We left after midnight in two beat up looking cars, about eight or nine of us with Frank’s “baby” a high powered rifle, scope and silencer attached, in the trunk of our car.”
   It’s interesting that Marita instantly recognized Ozzie for exactly what he thought he was at the time – a snitch. But once again he was just being played in the most dangerous game of his life – what little there was left of it. But more on that later. The comment on the silenced, scoped rifle is pertinent to this aspect of the discussion. Whether these guys were moving to hit Kennedy or not, you gotta know there was absolutely no sinister CIA inspired ulterior motive for Marita to interject the comment on the suppressed rifle into the narrative. She was just showing off her knowledge of Frank’s bag of dirty tricks and sinister toys. Hoping someone would toss her a bone, and sending a message to Frank that she did not consider herself to be paid in full for her services rendered. Be that as it may it’s a fact, that silencers could be obtained for rifles back then and can be legally purchased today with the proper ATF paperwork, or illegally obtained today on the black market, or manufactured by a decent machinist.
  There was a story being told that the day after the assassination a couple of FBI agents stopped by Frank’s home in Miami and apparently satisfied that his presence there exonerated him of any culpability in the sad affair, said they were just checking because they knew that there was no one more capable of doing the deed than Frank. Of course at that time the feebies were engaged in a frantic effort to bury any and all leads that pointed anywhere but directly at Oswald. Indeed, they were sending Frank a message, we’re cleaning up your mess and if you open your mouth and utter so much as one single little peep the rest of your life --- you are history. But the point is, he was capable of scoring a head shot from the south knoll. It was a hell of a shot even though he missed; the ¾ of an inch that rewrote history. He had the means, he hated JFK and if some rich “businessman” was willing to contribute a hundred grand to the mechanic who put one through Kennedy’s head, he sure as hell had the motive.
   Given the angles, a shot from the last slit in the concrete buttress on the southeast side of the triple Underpass (south knoll), or thereabouts, at frames Z202-Z225, approximately, would pass through the windshield just to the left of the rear view mirror, shooting between the SS team, missing Connolly and striking Kennedy in the throat.  Photographs show a bullet hole in the windshield at this exact location.  Of course, the limo was flown to Washington immediately and dismantled and rebuilt within a few days.  There is also evidence that the limo windshield ended up at the Ford Rouge plant in Detroit. Perhaps the most convincing witness is Dr. Evalea Glanges, a second year med student working near Parkland.  Glanges was well versed in firearms and immediately recognized the defect in the windshield as a bullet hole that had passed from front to back. 
   As the limousine is parked at the hospital, five people there examine what is later to be described as a bullet hole in the front windshield of the car. 
(1)      Dallas Police Officer H. R. Freeman will note: “I was right beside it.  I could have touched it.  It was a bullet hole. You could tell what it was.”   
(2)      Dallas Police Officer Stavis Ellis remarks, “You could put a pencil through it.”  A Secret Service agent tries to persuade Ellis that what he is seeing is a “fragment” and not a hole.  Mr. Ellis is adamant: “It wasn’t a damn fragment.  It was a hole.”
(3)      Dr. Evalea Glanges, a second year medical student at Southwestern, also sees the bullet hole in the windshield.  When she calls attention to it, the limousine is quickly driven away.  She will further describe the bullet hole as an entrance hole through the front of the windshield.
 (4)      St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Richard Dudman wrote an article published in The New Republic on December 21, 1963, in which he stated: “A few of us noted the hole in the windshield when the limousine was standing at the emergency entrance after the President had been carried inside. I could not approach close enough to see which side was the cup-shaped spot which indicates a bullet had pierced the glass from the opposite side.”
 (5)      Secret Service agent Charles Taylor, Jr., who wrote a report on November 27, 1963 in which he detailed his activities providing security for the limousine immediately after the car’s return to Washington following the assassination. The JFK limousine and the Secret Service follow-up car known as the “Queen Mary” arrived at Andrews AFB aboard a C-130 propeller-driven cargo plane at about 8:00 PM on November 22, 1963. Agent Taylor rode in the Presidential limousine as it was driven from Andrews AFB to the White House garage at 22nd and M Streets, N.W. In his report about what he witnessed inside the White House garage during the vehicle’s inspection, he wrote: “In addition, of particular note was the small hole just left of center in the windshield from which what appeared to be bullet fragments were removed.”
   First responders in the emergency room in Parkland described a wound in the throat as an entry wound.  Including, Drs. Perry, Carrico, Jones and Nurse Hentchcliffe
    Mr. George Whitaker, Sr., a senior manager at the Ford Motor Company's Rouge Plant in Detroit, Michigan, told attorney (and professor of criminal justice) Doug Weldon in August of 1993, in a tape recorded conversation, that after reporting to work on Monday, November 25th, he discovered the JFK limousine – a unique, one-of-a-kind item that he unequivocally identified – in the Rouge Plant's B building, with the interior stripped out and in the process of being replaced, and with the windshield removed. He was then contacted by one of the Vice Presidents of the division for which he worked, and directed to report to the glass plant lab, immediately. After knocking on the locked door (which he found most unusual), he was let in by two of his subordinates and discovered that they were in possession of the windshield that had been removed from the JFK limousine. They had been told to use it as a template, and to make a new windshield identical to it in shape – and to then get the new windshield back to the B building for installation in the Presidential limousine that was quickly being rebuilt. Whitaker told Weldon (quoting from the audiotape of the 1993 interview): "And the windshield had a bullet hole in it, coming from the outside was a good, clean bullet hole, right straight through, from the front. And you can tell, when the bullet hits the windshield, like when you hit a rock or something, what happens? The back chips out and the front may just have a pinhole in it...this had a clean round hole in the front and fragmentation coming out the back." Whitaker told Weldon that he eventually became superintendent of his division and was placed in charge of five plant divisions. He also told Weldon that the original windshield, with the bullet hole in it, had been broken up and scrapped – as ordered – after the new windshield had been made.
    As Sergeant Webb from Dragnet would say “Just the facts, maam”. And those are the facts --- like it or not. The second shot fired, the first shot on target was fired from the south knoll from a suppressed high powered sniper rifle. If that shot would have hit Kennedy in the head where it was supposed to, there would have been only one empty cartridge on the floor adjacent to the sniper’s nest on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, no shot from the grassy knoll, no Warren Commission, and people might still believe that all was well in Spook World. But we know all too well that just ain’t the case.
   Let’s take a look at the second shot fired from the sniper’s nest. Here are some excerpts from Lee Harvey Oswald’s Carcano Rifle – Shooting It Today by GunsAmerica Actual on November 11, 2013.
    “Carcanos are really rough-working and don’t function well. During the 1960s, most gun shops had literally barrels filled with Carcanos selling for $10-$20. They aren’t good guns. The FBI reported to the Warren Commission that they actually could not zero the scope on Oswald’s gun without putting some kind of shims in it. One thing I have never seen explained online is that the scope on the Oswald rifle is a side mount, like an M1 Garand sniper model. You can still use the open sights just as you would without a scope, and you don’t have to look under the mounts like you would with a modern see-thru mount. The open sights are zeroed for 200 yards and shoot about 8″ high at 50 yards. There are published theories that Oswald used the open sights on the gun, because the thinking is he could not zero the optics anyway, and that using the awkward side optic would take too long between shots to aim. Our open sights are not adjustable, but they were pretty close to point-of-aim horizontally, but would require about an 8″ hold under.”
  These guys are gun experts and prefer to, in their professional lives at least, assume the role of good ole “don’t create any waves” boys when they write about the assassination while referring to Oswald as the triggerman, I truly understand their position. You should read the whole article it’s well written and informative, and best of all there’s a down the barrel photo of the rifle showing the scope, mount and open sight positioning. To paraphrase the gist of the article --- The Carcano is a crappy little rifle, with which Carlos Hathcock could make the depository shot ten out of ten times, in his sleep, with one hand tied behind his back. But, if anyone, even a lone nut that had the skills were planning a serious assassination attempt, he or she could easily have a choice to purchase around the Dallas area several inexpensive untraceable but accurate lever action Winchester or Marlin 30/30 rifles from newspaper ads on almost any given weekend during the run up to deer season. The easily traceable purchase of the Carcano was part of a related but previous bit of subterfuge and treachery. Nevertheless, if the shooter had fired a half dozen rounds from the Carcano using the open sights, he would learn to hold between the shoulder blades, just a bit above the base of the neck and expect a hit about head high --- the gun was accurate horizontally. So it was doable. Governor Connelly was struck in the back by the second audible shot, by a bullet from the mystery Carcano rifle; however, the gun/shooter combination couldn’t even produce an accurate shot on target much less a lethal hit to the head. And it was such an easy shot. You could safely bet the ranch that in the fall of 1963 there were dozens of grade school boys and girls in the greater Dallas area that could have consistently made that shot on a paper target with one of their Father’s rifles. This was a pathetic miss fired at close range from a stage prop masquerading as evidence, and indicates that the shooter had never fired the rifle, was probably using the misaligned Jap scope and was never even planning to fire on target, unless the umbrella man signaled a miss.   

    Because Frank consistently makes that shot. If, however, the TBD sniper had got lucky and connected, there would have been two spent cartridges on the floor, no shot from the grassy knoll, and no Warren Commission. So here it is, if that limo rolls beyond the grassy knoll without any further damage being done, the CIA is history. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK was seriously vexed with the agency and if he survived and found out the truth about Oswald’s connections to the intelligence agencies and their dereliction and complicity in Dealy Plaza --- OUCH. Furthermore, if JFK survives, the withdrawal in December of the first 1,000 troops from Vietnam would have taken place as ordered by NSAM 263 one month before the assassination, Kennedy would have crushed Goldwater and not had to sweat the political realities that unfortunately marred and defined his first term. But that was not to be.
    Because the hit squad was well prepared for the eventuality that the south knoll cold barrel shot from twice the distance of the TBD to limo shot and passing through the limo windshield could fail to kill JFK. And that the much easier shot from the sniper’s nest could come up short, because the shooter would have to work the sticky bolt, reacquire the target and make a headshot at a non-stationary target with an antique, junk rifle. And although the grassy knoll shot would make the lone nut assassin fantasy much, much more difficult to perpetrate, the shooters knew for sure that the Agency would respond with total commitment and unlimited resources provided by our tax dollars to cover up because, even if the plot wasn’t perpetrated at the highest level, if the American people were able to quickly discover the truth, the Agency would be seriously compromised.
   And the cover up, undoubtedly the agency’s premier body of work continues even today. You could surely bet your bottom dollar that none of the folks working for the agency and monitoring these websites have any certain knowledge of what they are covering up. It’s a short list of who needs to know and they’re not on it. The legislature of the government of the United States has mandated that the citizens should have the opportunity to learn the truth if they are so inclined.