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Re: OH Canada?
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Thanks again, Steve.

You're batting a thousand. Clearly immigrants aren't genuinely welcome in Canada, and in any case will face poor healthcare and lack of opportunity in an antiquated Sovietesque system.

Thanks for alerting immigrants and US tourists to that. Immigrants bound for North America should choose the US every-time. The US fat-slob tourists should stay put for their annual pilgrimage to the Pork BBQ Fest and Pub Crawl.

Canadians in the US love it so much they overstay their visas; they know a good thing! ICE agents have to track them down and force them to return to their lives of meaningless drudgery and economic hardship.

Trudeau is a "hugger" and out-of-touch fruitcake. One reason he wants new immigrants is because that group overwhelmingly votes for Trudeau's Liberal Party all their lives (that some are likely to be future terrorists doesn't seem to be muster reality for him).

But Trudeau is peaches compared to the other Mr. T.

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Re: OH Canada?
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Thanks, Steve.

Nobody in their right mind would think about immigrating to Canada when the US is next door anyway.

And those fat ignorant retired-military/police who visit Canada in $150,000 rigs would do better with a stay-cation in Arkansas or Montana, where they can treat their guns, food and religion as playthings.

It even took seven days for your post to work its way through Canada's Internet so I could read it today.

You're doing a swell service discouraging people from coming to Canada! Thanks.

They sure love Canadians in Europe, though. Americans were so hated that hitchhiking Americans  had to wear Canadian flags on their backpacks because they couldn't get rides. And I had a guy give me a lift and go out of his way to take me to a large cemetery dedicated solely to Canadian soldiers. Another time a girl ran up to me in a town square and excitedly invited me (I spoke French) to her family's farm overnight. She said it was because of the Canadian flag... no 'farmer's daughter' story to relate here though haha.

And pretty sure Canada annually rates in the top three or four on the best places to live list.

And some wag said we're just like Americans, except for the guns.
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Re: OH Canada?
« Reply #9 on: November 21, 2017, 04:50:19 PM »
Canada offers ‘reintegration support’ for ISIS fighters

The debate over what to do with Canadians who join ISIS, and fight with the so-called Islamic State is in the spotlight tonight. A British Government Minister says they should be killed. But is that morally right? David Akin delves into the moral dilemma.

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