Author Topic: Video from Youtube: Mandela Effect Comments that will blow your mind. JFK photo  (Read 290 times)

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Hi everyone,

There are discussions going on on Youtube about the JFK assassination concerning the Mandela Effect. Many of you probably know about it already. In a nutshell, there are people whos memory has been changed and they remember JFK and Jackie riding in a four seat Lincoln. There is a video that shows the car that the Johnson's were in with the yellow roses and indicate that JFK and Jackie were in that car when he was assassinated. There is much more.

 I've come across a photo at the end of a video that has clearly been altered. It looks like there might be a ghost image from the sprocket hole in the windshield. I would greatly appreciate it if someone with more ability than I do to take a look at the photo at the end of the video and see if they can determine where it came from. Please watch the attached video so you can get an idea of what these people are talking about.


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My mind is blown.