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I know there are a few fellow gamers here. I don't always trust the professional reviews, they all seem to copy each other, so I thought it might be useful/fun to review a few games ourselves. As short or as lengthy as you wish. I'll keep this one short in case no-ones interested: I love sniper games and just played SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR 3 and SNIPER ELITE 4 back to back. SGW was just about the most boring game I've ever played, repetitive, bland and very buggy. Save your money. I had to literally force myself to finish it. However, SE4 is a must buy if you enjoy sniper games, fun, exciting and loads of different things to do, not just sniping. The kind of game that makes you rush home from work, kiss the wife, bolt down your dinner and play till midnight.

                                                                              SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR 3.....3/10
                                                                               SNIPER ELITE 4                ......8/10
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