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Author Topic: Hickey = hole in windshield = Tague.  (Read 654 times)

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Hickey = hole in windshield = Tague.
« on: November 30, 2018, 12:14:47 PM »
After a lot of reading i agree with the theory that Hickey accidentally fired shot 3 that hit JFK in the head.

If there was a good sized hole in the windshield then this i think was made by what was remaining of the hollowpoint bullet, which then possibly ricocheted off the curb &/or hit the overpass, Tague (standing near the triple rail bridge) being hit in the cheek by a small piece of lead or concrete, that main part of the bullet never being found. Or Tague was hit directly by a smaller fragment of lead which had passed throo the windshield.

If so then the first bullet (fired by Oswald) probably hit the steel pipe of the signal arm & fragments hit JFK & the road & perhaps the windshield trim, but probably did not go near the curb or Tague. Two large fragments were found in the limo. The fragment that hit JFK might have hit him in the head, ie where the major wound happened later via shot 3.

In any case the second bullet (fired by Oswald) went throo JFK & Connally. This bent brass jacketed bullet was probably found in the limo at the same time as 3 bits of skull, whilst the autopsy was being carried out.

The (pointed) bullet found on a gurney had zero to do with Oswald or Hickey (in any case this pointed bullet was never seen again).

Kinney did not find a bullet in the limo, & therefore could not have put a bullet on a gurney.
Doyle Williams did not find a bullet in the limo, & therefore could not have put a bullet on a gurney.
If Kinney or Williams played some part in finding the bent brass jacketed bullet in the limo, ie at the same time as finding the 3 bits of skull, then in any case that bullet was not then planted on any gurney.

No bullet hit the manhole concrete surround or the grass near the manhole. The policeman gave the manhole his attention because there was a clump of grass out of place -- the much later story about him seeing the grass moved by a bullet during the shooting was a lie or a failure of communication (more likely). There was no evidence of a clear line-of-sight from manhole  to curb -- but there would have been a clear line from manhole to Tague, or manhole to overpass.

And possibly no bullet hit the curb located tween the manhole & rail overpass -- i like the theory that the lead smear might have been from a lead wheel wt -- it is much more likely that a wheel rim hit the top corner of the curb than the theory that a bullet happened to hit exactly on the corner.

There was no shot or any other such thing near the grassy knoll. And there were only 3 shots.

Lots of witnesses said that the hole was larger on the inside of the windshield, which usually means that the bullet entered from the front-- however the windshield was laminated, ie made of 3 layers.
Importantly the 3 lead fragments were stuck on the inside meaning that the bullet came from the back (no-one has pointed this out) -- & meaning that the bullet was going slowly at that stage (no-one has pointed this out) -- & meaning that the bullet was probably a severely mangled (opened up) hollowpoint thusly more likely to leave bits on the glass surrounding its hole (ie compared to a solid bullet)(no-one has pointed this out).
I dont remember seeing any tests of the 3 lead fragments, but tests are not as good as some think, & in any case tests are ripe for lies.
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