Author Topic: Son of Rose Cheramie tells her story in new book  (Read 2168 times)

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Son of Rose Cheramie tells her story in new book
« on: March 10, 2017, 05:47:58 AM »

A former Columbus State University music professor has written a book
about his mother’s long struggle with abuse, drug addiction and prostitution …
and how in 1963 she tried to warn authorities that President Kennedy was
about to be shot in Dallas.

Michael Marcades, a former CSU music professor, wrote “Rose Cherami:
Gathering Petals” to tell the story of his mother, who suffered under an
abusive father, fought addictions to heroin, sex and alcohol and reportedly
knew that the president was in grave danger that November day in 1963.
She tried to warn authorities, Marcades says, but they wouldn’t take her seriously.

“My mother made many mistakes in her life including substance abuse and
prostitution, but in the final analysis, when it counted most, she attempted to
stand on the right side of truth,” says Marcades. “She knew that President
Kennedy was in grave danger in Dallas and she attempted to warn authorities.
No one listened to her until it was too late.”


Website of "Rose Cherami: Gathering Fallen Petals":