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Author Topic: Old story or new suspects?  (Read 771 times)

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Old story or new suspects?
« on: November 21, 2018, 02:51:49 AM »
So before my dad died I noticed a vid (vhs) in his apartment and asked.  I was young and didn't grow up with much tv.  It was a jfk assasination tape.

Dad said it was a conspiracy and spoke about several things.  He spoke about how the family had a biz.  A pretroluem drilling biz.  It was pretty large he said.  According to my mom's dad, over 30 drills going daily.  Dad spoke about either they wanted to go public or 'others' wanted them to.  Also about how the taxes changed.  I know now from reading that JFK's murder put the tax increase on hold until Carter.

Dad also spoke about how people would come over.  Due to Dad's mom's brother having graduated from Annapolis.  Grandma's brother was Lt Commander Milton Frank Pavlic KIA.  Dad said one was a depuety director at the CIA and was dead now.

I asked if they did it in refference to JFK's murder and Dad said "we could of".

Perhaps it's nothing but still very connected if true.  Seems probable they knew Rufus Taylor and other big names from late 1920's early 30's annapolis.

I've also mingled a bit too close with a 1980s Marine Force Recon guy.  He supposedly bugged my apartment in 2001 for around 8 months.  Called his friend John director of naval security to have federal cars follow me around and he wanted to grow cannabis in Virginia for 'the military needs money for what congress won't give them money for'.

So I figure the truth was what dad spoke of or what I kbew about Tonas Uribes father Alvaro when we both went to Culver Naval School.

I may never know and don't expect great feedback.  Maybe I see the connection more since I lived it.

Thanks for reading!


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