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Author Topic: Tommy Rowe - fact or fiction  (Read 336 times)

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Tommy Rowe - fact or fiction
« on: October 09, 2018, 09:00:51 PM »
Penn Jones, early JFK researcher, gained fame by creating the questionable list of "Suspicious Deaths" associated with witnesses to the JFK assassination and even those slightly tangentially connected to aspects of the case.

For a few years, Jones carried on his quest to solve the case, often by associating with fringe players like Roger Craig. He threw out theories and data, frequently without parsing it for truth.

One of the more egregious examples of Penn Jones' "creative" approaches to the truth is his unfounded claim, made in 1967, that someone named Tommy Rowe worked at Hardy Shoe on Jefferson Street, and it was this "Rowe" who actually forced the issue of Oswald in the Texas Theatre.

Penn Jones claimed that this mysterious Rowe was the person who pointed Oswald out in the street, and not Johnny Brewer.

Penn Jones also claimed that Tommy Rowe was a close friend to Jack Ruby -- so close that he even moved into Jack Ruby's apartment after Ruby's arrest for shooting Oswald.

CUT TO: Years later, the imaginative John Armstrong writes of the alleged relationship between Tommy Rowe and Jack Ruby, and Rowe's "hidden" participation in the Arrest of the Century.

Armstrong backs up his Rowe tale with NO documentation.

Here's an example of Armstrong's faux-research:

"One of those calls may have come from Jack Ruby's friend, Tommy Rowe, who may have prodded Johnny Brewer into thinking that the suspicious man who snuck into the theater killed officer Tippit. Rowe's "prodding" of Brewer may account for some of the missing minutes.

That's it. There's NO OTHER EVIDENCE backing up Armstrong's claim.

And since then, every Harvey and Lee flunky has since re-posted Armstrong's claim verbatim, furthering this sham and perpetuating one of the starkest examples of CT nut-jobbery.

Want to see what passes for proof about Rowe to Armstrong and his acolytes? Here it is, from the research papers donated to Baylor University.

That's it. A big fat zero.

EVEN WORSE, check this out:

Here we have Penn Jones admitting that he never spoke to Johnny Brewer, never spoke to Tommy Rowe. In fact, he bothered Tommy Rowe so relentlessly that Rowe actually moved to a different home.

So when nutjobs attempt to change the entire narrative of Oswald in the Texas Theatre, and try to rest their whole altered reality on this ghost named Tommy Rowe, remember their tactics, their gullibility and their refusal to acknowledge that the centerpiece of their theory rests on The Man Who Was Never There.

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Tommy Rowe - fact or fiction
« on: October 09, 2018, 09:00:51 PM »

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