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Author Topic: Chaney's motorcycle in Zapruder frame Z-242  (Read 43818 times)

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Re: Chaney's motorcycle in Zapruder frame Z-242
« Reply #520 on: November 01, 2018, 09:36:21 PM »
You're better than this.

That's my feeling about several of the posters who have responded to this thread....I've always respected Robin as being one of the more open minded members of this forum.....  So I'm disappointed to see him wallowing in  the gutter...

       He's open minded until the Old Guard leans on him. Then he Immediately does a 180. This has happened several times over on the Film side of the forum.  Some people simply do Not have what it takes to stand their ground. This is why Trump irks a lot of people. On a daily basis he displays what they lack but desperately wish they had.


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