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Author Topic: Jan Gail Rudnicki Observations  (Read 648 times)

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Jan Gail Rudnicki Observations
« on: October 08, 2018, 03:26:11 AM »
The Warren Commission (WC) claimed that Lee Harviey Oswald (LHO) fired three shots on November 22, 1963, from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) Building, and that two of the bullets hit both President John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Governor John B. Connally (JBC). The WC further claimed that the bullets entered JFK and JBC from behind.  They were emphatic in stating that no bullets hit either man from the front.

In this post I will provide statements from Jan Gail Rudnicki that shows these claims are false. Mr. Rudnicki can be added to the many other statements that show the claims of the WC are false.


Jan Gail ?Nick? Rudnicki worked at the Bethesda Naval Hospital (BNH) as a lab assistant. To be more specific, he was the lab assistant to Dr. Thornton Boswell who was one of the doctors who performed the autopsy on JFK on November 22, 1963. He was not on duty that day, but like many others he was called in due to the assassination of JFK.

Mr. Rudnicki was never given the opportunity to provide testimony before the WC, but he was interviewed by Harrison Livingstone for his book ?High Treason 2 - The Great Cover-up: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy? (this will be referred to as HT2 in this post).

It appears that Mr. Rudnicki had kept up with the case over the years and he was familiar with the controversies surrounding the back of the head wound. He had also kept up with the claims regarding what JFK?s body arrived in ? either a shipping casket or a body bag. Author, and researcher, David Lifton had posited that JFK?s body had been switched at some point so that surgery could be performed on it in his 1980 book entitled ?Best Evidence?.

Livingstone had told him what Dr. Boswell had told his chief investigator, Richard Waybright, a few weeks before about the wound in the back of the head. Boswell said the wound was located where he indicated it on the autopsy face sheet which was at the hairline and not at the cowlick as seen in the autopsy photographs and X-rays. This is a four to five inch discrepancy. Mr Rudnicki said that he did not recall any ENTRY wound in the back of JFK?s head. (HT2, p. 203)(Emphasis added)

Dr. Boswell further stated, ??that the floor of the orbit was merely cracked, not entirely missing? as is the case in the official X-ray which shows the top right side of the face missing. (Ibid, pp. 203-204)

Here is more of the interview with Mr. Rudnicki.

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I told Mr. Rudnicki that Paul O?Connor, Jerry Custer, and the other witnesses insist that ?there was no back of the head back there,? and he immediately said, ?That?s correct.? (HT2, p. 204)

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Mr. Rudnicki was present for the entire autopsy, but he was going back and forth between the main autopsy room and the back room where he worked on slides containing portions of JFK?s organs and tissue. The interview continued.

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I remember the casket being wheeled in and I helped put the body on the table. I don?t ever remember seeing a shipping casket. (Ibid.)

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He along with everyone else was required to leave while the X-rays and photographs were taken. He said that the autopsy began at either 7 or 8 p.m. and finished around 11:30 or 12 a.m. Back to the interview.

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I asked him if he personally had a chance to examine the wounds

He said yes, because he was working with Boswell, ?I remember the WOUNDS to the throat, the wound to the right rear quadrant of the head.?

I asked him about the wound to the back of the head: ?It was a BIG HOLE.?

?Was the scalp missing on the back of the head??


?Not just shredded, but gone??

?As far as I could tell, it was gone (his emphasis). I couldn?t see any grey matter in there, you know. There was some hair hanging over it. There wasn?t a big hole type thing, but there wasn?t any scalp there either. It was a lasting impression, as I recall.? (HT2, p.205)(Emphasis added)

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Mr. Rudnicki also stated that there was controversy about whether the brain was taken out or not. His memory was that it was removed, but he couldn?t be certain about that. (Ibid.) Mr. Rudnicki disagreed with Paul O?Connor?s statements about there being no brain at all in JFK?s head when it arrived. He felt that there was some brain in his head. (Ibid.)

Let?s continue with the interview.

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Once again I asked him if he remembered anything about the body bag and shipping casket, and he said, ?I remember him coming in the bronze casket.?

?Did you see the back wound at all??

?Yeah, I remember-----at least I think I remember---a small ---what appeared to be an entry wound several inches down on the back.?

I asked him if he remembered anything about Admiral Osborne?s comment that a whole bullet had fallen out of the sheets or from the back area when they moved him.

?Yeah, that may very well be. I may not have been in the room during that time, but I remember some conversations concerning that.?

I asked him if it was a whole bullet or a fragment, and he said, ?I assume it was a bullet.?

Then he said, ?There seems to be some controversy as to when Jackie actually arrived at the hospital. I remember seeing her---I peeked my head out---the entourage coming down the corridor. I remember looking out and I remember seeing her, and for some reason he (Lifton) seems to think she wasn?t even there at the time I supposedly saw her. So I don?t understand that one. I don?t see these people every day so I?m sureit wasn?t something that happened previously.?

He said that he thought the body had not been there when he first saw her coming down the corridor. ?She preceded it in??

?That?s correct.? (HT2, p. 206)

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Mr. Rudnicki?s recollections included JFK?s body being in a  bronze casket, the back wound was several inches down on back (which did not agree with the WC?s claim), he recalled that there were conversations regarding a whole bullet that rolled out of the sheets, and that he recalled seeing Jackie arriving before the body of JFK did. If she rode to BNH with the body how did that happen?

The interview finishes with this.

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?How did the face appear to you??

?Normal. It looked perfectly normal, if you didn?t look at the BACK OF THE HEAD.?

?What did the top of the head look like? Was there a large hole in the top of the head?"

?No, not that I recall.? But he said that he did not get a good look at it. Then he clarified something by saying that when he said that the right rear quadrant of the head was missing; ?That could extend to the top of the head.?

I again asked him if there was any scalp left in the right rear of the head behind the ear, and he said no, ?That was gone.? (HT2, p. 207)(Emphasis added)

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We again see that the right rear portion of JFK?s head was missing,  and that is impossible if the shot came from behind as claimed by the WC. Is he just another ?mistaken? eyewitness?

The interview concludes with these statements by Mr. Rudnicki.

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?Boswell and Humes got dumped on pretty heavily,? he said. ?I can?t imagine that somebody would put out photographs like that when there must have been at least five hundred people who saw it otherwise? he said.

?Nobody was supposed to see these pictures,? I said.

?So they just switched the photos for Warren to see and nobody else saw them?!? he said.

He said that everybody was asked to leave the room during the X-rays, because of the radiation.

?The next day we were all up in the office there, and what can I say? It was ?forget everything you saw, everything that you knew.  Wipe it from your mind!? Like a dutiful soldier, I did so. And consequently, I didn?t make notes.?(Ibid, pp. 207-208)

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This shows us the power and the audacity of the conspiracy as they faked the autopsy photographs and X-rays even when there were hundreds of witnesses that could say that they were incorrect regarding the actual wounds seen on JFK?s body. They knew that their power system would prevent anyone from seeing them and prevent anyone from telling what they saw and heard that day.

WC defenders always claim someone would have talked by now, and many have?but they are ignored for the most part?but it isn?t hard to control people in the military. You order them to forget everything or else. The police, media educational system, and many more organizations are just as controlled. You either do as you are told or you get no promotion, no raise or you could lose your job.

Mr. Rudnicki saw multiple wounds in the throat and the right rear quadrant of JFK?s head missing like many others. How can all these experienced medically trained professionals all be ?mistaken? as claimed by the WC defenders? They can?t of course, so the harsh truth is we were wilfully lied to by the WC and portions of our government.

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