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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
« Reply #1176 on: March 22, 2017, 04:15:07 PM »
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299          "The Estes Tapes"

“From his own words, its obvious that, as stated above, a convicted felon and liar like
Estes—who was actually conviced of fraud twice-- had personal motives to implicate a
dead President in the murder of JFK. Therefore we cannot take for granted the word of
someone with a damaged reputation, little credibility, a criminal past and evident
personal self-interest like Billie Sol Estes. In furtherance of this, if, as he said in his
book (pgs 138, 143, 150, 152-3, 165) he had tapes of Carter talking about his carrying
out LBJ’s orders in the Kennedy murder, he could make a million selling them. He never
did so. And the reason he says he has tapes is probably to neutralize the fact that there
is no other credible corroboration for his late arriving story.”

(Evaluating the Case against Lyndon Johnson, by Vasilios Vazakas, 2012)

LBJ aide Clifton C. Carter, second from the right with tie and glasses

I believe that Estes became a honest man while in prison......   There's no doubt that he was a scoundrel on LBJ's pirate ship ...but he saw the light.

I KNOW that Billie Sol Estes went and talked to Marina shortly before he died....  I've never learned what he told Marina.

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
« Reply #1177 on: March 26, 2017, 06:13:39 PM »
300       One five foot tall KGB file on Oswald

The Soviet intelligence service has a massive file on accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald that
has never been public, said federal judge John Tunheim, former chairman of a government declassification

Tunheim said he reviewed the file in Moscow in 1994 on behalf of the Assassination Records Review Board
(ARRB), which declassified millions of pages of JFK documents in the 1990s.

“The KGB file stood five feet tall when you stacked all the boxes up,” Tunheim told a Washington press
conference on Thursday.

Tunheim said he was allowed to look at the records, which were in Russian. He was told that they related to
the Soviet security services’ daily surveillance of Oswald, a former Marine who lived in the Soviet Union from
October 1959 to May 1962.

“We came very close to getting it released,” Tunheim said. “But I didn’t get any help from the State
Department, and, in the end, the KGB chose not to let it go.”

Tunheim was the keynote speaker at a conference organized by the Coalition Against Political Assassinations.

JFK conspiracy theories involving the KGB have never been substantiated and are considered by historians to be
among the less plausible scenarios behind the murder of the liberal president in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

(, March 18, 2017)

Judge Tunheim


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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
« Reply #1178 on: March 27, 2017, 09:17:43 PM »
301         "The Edward Bray film"

Bray claims he has a film of the assassination taken from a window of the TSBD.

Edward F. Bray claims that he wrote a letter warning John Connally of a death threat against the
governor in Dallas. After the assassination, BRAY was shown a film, by an organization named
"The Justice for the Tresher Crew", of JFK's head "blowing out". The Tresher was a US nuclear
submarine that sank in 1963.

(Lost, Missing, Over-Exposed, Unavailable Photos and Films and Dubious Claims, Denis Morissette website)

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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302        Unknown woman's pictures of 'sniper's window'
303        Moving pictures from upper window Dal Tex Building

Two items in one, found on Denis Morissette's wonderful website:

Mr. BELIN. Is there anything else you can think of that occurred at the Texas School Book Depository
that afternoon while you were there that might have any relevancy about where the shots came
from, other than what you have told thus far?

Mr. SAWYER. Well, I had heard some of the officers come to me and said there was supposed to be,
somebody told them about a woman that had taken some pictures of that window, and then one of the
sergeants came to me, and I am not sure who the sergeant is now, but anyway he said that there was
on the building immediately west east, I am sorry cast [sic – east], of the Texas School Book
Depository, that a man up in one of the upper windows up there was taking some moving pictures
of what had gone on. 

“ a woman that had taken some pictures of that window”
Could it have been her?

Mr. BELIN. Did you ever contact this man? Do you know what his name is?

Mr. SAWYER. No; I don't know his name. The sergeant told me that the man would not give
them the pictures, that he was waiting for the Secret Service or the FBI, I forget which now,
and I sent the sergeant and two men back over there with instructions to bring that man
and his pictures to me. 

The Dal Tex Building

When they got back over there, Forrest Sorrels of the Secret Service was already there,
and at least they so reported back to me, and was talking to this man. 

So I told them to go ahead with their normal assignments and since Forrest was already
there and talking to him, I knew that that part would be taken care of. 

Mr. BELIN. You don't know what his name was or what the results of it was? 

Mr. SAWYER. I don't know. 

Inspector Herbert Sawyer of the Dallas Police

(The testimony of J. Herbert Sawyer, April 8, 1964)

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
« Reply #1180 on: March 28, 2017, 06:44:13 PM »
He also may be talking about Mary Ann Moorman's photos.

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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289           “The Gordon Arnold film”

GORDON L. ARNOLD, the former Dallas soldier, said he was stopped by a man wearing a light colored suit
as he was walking behind the fence on top of the grassy knoll minutes before the assassination.

Arnold, now an investigator for the Dallas Department of Consumer Affairs, was not called by the Warren
Commission and has not been interviewed by the House Assassinations Committee. Arnold said he was
moving toward the railroad bridge over the triple underpass to take movie film of the presidential
motorcade when "this guy just walked towards me and said that I shouldn't be up there."

Arnold challenged the man's authority, he said, and the man "showed me a badge and said he was with the
Secret Service and that he didn't want anybody up there."

Arnold then retreated to the front of the picket fence high up on the grassy knoll just to the west of the
pergola on the north side of Elm Street. As the presidential limousine came down Elm toward the triple underpass.

Arnold stood on a mound of fresh dirt and started rolling his film. He said he "felt" the first shot come from behind
him, only inches over his left shoulder, he said. "I had just gotten out of basic training," Arnold said. "In my mind
live ammunition was being fired. It was being fired over my head. And I hit the dirt."

( … )

His prone position, under the shade of a tree, may have locked away his story for 15 years as the Warren
Commission and later other assassination researchers scanned photographs and movie footage of Dealey Plaza
for witnesses to the shooting.

( … )

"The next thing I knew someone was kicking my butt and telling me to get up," Arnold said. "It was a policeman
and I told him to go jump in the river. And then this other guy — a policeman — comes up with a shotgun and he
was crying and that thing was waving back and forth. I said you can have everything I've got. Just point it
someplace else."

Arnold took his film~ from the canister and threw it to the policeman. "It wasn't worth three dollars and
something to be shot. All I wanted them to do was to take that blooming picture (film) and get out of there, just let
me go.

That shotgun and the guy crying over there was enough to unnerve me for anything." Two days later. Arnold was on
a plane reporting for duty at Fort Wainwright in Alaska. He hadn't given police in Dealey Plaza his name and never
told his story to authorities "because I heard after that there were a lot of people making claims about pictures and
stuff and they were dying sort of peculiarly. I just said. well, the devil with it, forget it. Besides, I couldn't claim my
pictures anyway; how did I know what were mine?"

(SS ' imposters' spotted by JFK witnesses, EARL GOLZ, Dallas Morning News,  August 27, 1978)

Talk about fairy tales.

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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Talk about fairy tales.

The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy,

It's up there with Cinderella and Snow White.