Author Topic: Zapruder film vs doctors  (Read 3842 times)

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Re: Zapruder film vs doctors
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This is my next move.

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Re: Zapruder film vs doctors
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Multiple doctors, nurses and staff saw a wound in the back of the head. several doctors closely inspected the wound noting the Cerebellum and when it fell out they saw the Cerebrum. One Doctor  saw it from inches away for several minutes while helping to hold instruments for Dr Perry. Even Dr Carrico who claimed he only filled out the report stating it was in the back of his head due to laziness and he actually meant it was on top of the head. Yet photos taken of him showing where the wound was have him placing it at the back of the head. Some strange inconsistent testimony. FBI agent Siebert who was at the autopsy said the photos are fake and he clearly saw a huge hole in the back when they took JFK out of the casket.
 It is important to take the time to read all of the witness statements made from Parlkand staff because people will lie their ass off as to what the witness' said. To me it is the most convincing evidence that something was covered up. You can't have all those doctors working on specific wounds and have them all get it so completely wrong and even be consistent in their mistake.

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Re: Zapruder film vs doctors
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    The Z Film was under lock-n-key inside the Time/Life Vault for its' initial 12 years of existence. It could have been spindled, folded, and mutilated untold countless times. This makes what we Today call the Zapruder Film to have absolutely No Credibility. The Parkland Professionals know what they saw inside Trauma Room 1 on 11/22/63. Their Professional observations have consistently stood the test of time.


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