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Author Topic: Forum Rebuild is interest building opportunity, but thread titles= SAME OLD  (Read 680 times)

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Am I the only one, or have others noticed this? Why is so little curiousity evident here?
I find my self going to other places to find different and even new things to think about and
leads to pursue. John aka Jean V Grombach, aka Frenchy Grombach grew up in NOLA.
Before WWII, Grombach had a special assignment, military Intel background similar to Phil Strong's.
Strong went to Hill School in Pottstown with Walker Spencer and two Henry Luce golden boys.
Spencer was Strong's Princeton roommate. Spencer was best man in NOLA CIA chief William Burke's
Grombach headed the secret Intel org called The Pond for 13 years until 1955. This week a couple
CTs have pointed out that Jean Laffitte. posed as a world class chef in a restaurant in the NOLA trade mart.
They asserted that Lafitte, James Phelan, and a mysterious Allan Hughes, a former military CIC operative,
burglarized Jim Garrison's office. I had not read that before. I found enough information related to Hughes
to trace him to a son who is a former city manager and spouse of a sitting judge.

Is the redundancy here by design? I have posted enough to give anyone interested, before the data loss here,
plenty to justify rethinking or at least taking a new look at what Garrison, his investigation, and Stone's movie
JFK were actually about. Oswald was not from Dealey Plaza or the TSBD. He was from New Orleans.
Is it not yet time to separate fact from fiction about the NOLA players and what actually happened there?
I keep reading about Garrison being attacked, yet I have found and presented evidence Garrison misled and
manipulated his strongest supporters. Is there more value in finding why he did that or in guessing the
inside the TSBD movements of Baker or the meanings and motives revealed in testimony of TSBD
employee Ms Reid?

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