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Author Topic: John Newman on Veciana  (Read 1852 times)

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Re: John Newman on Veciana
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Do the coincidences dilute the research or obscure the meaning of it?

Despite my repeated direct communications to John Simkin, I was unable to influence him to correct the following article to display the
fact that Priscilla Johnson who interviewed Oswald in Moscow in 1959 and later authored the book, Marina & Lee, was Priscilla Mary Post Johnson.

Based on the research of John Newmam, I was able to find that Priscilla Livingston Johnson, born in Stockholm in 1922 as John Newman pointed out,
served in OSS in London in WWII and married soon to be CIA officer in 1945, Thomas McCoy, who later "volunteered" along with his best friend Tom Finney
in the 1968 presidential campaign of Eugene McCarthy.
We are left to make of all of this, what we will; a recap of backgrounds and relationships.:
In his 1968 presidential campaign, in addtion to known CIA clandestine operatives McCoy and Finney, Eugene McCarthy was assisted by two other men who had backgrounds easily associated with
U.S. intelligence and espionage work, McCarthy's neighbor John Safer, and Larry Merthan, WWII bomber navigator fluent in German, who had worked for the State Dept. in Stuttgart in 1946 and temporarily left his law practice in 1959 to work for a State Dept. educational program in West Germany. He married Bill Harvey's secretary, later Rosalind Carter's White House assistant, Rita Chapowicki. Rita's sister was a Navy nurse "installed" by George Burkley in response to JFK's choice of his own female personal physician. Nurse Elizabeth Chapowicki and Navy Capt. George Burkley continued at the White House through the administration of LBJ.
So, one or the other of the two Chapowicki sisters was in an intimate White House position during nearly the entire administrations of the three democratic party affiliated US presidents in office between 1961 and 1981, and Rita Chapowicki's husband Larry was
close to democratic senator and presidential candidate McCarthy.

In the small, tight knit Bar Harbor, ME community of the 1930s and 40s were John D Rockefeller II and his sons, Priscilla Livingston Johnson's father,
diplomate Hallett Johnson, John Train's father, Arthur Train, and of course, John McCloy.

John Train's partner Tom Devine roomed with 16 Sigma Chi frat brothers on the MIT campus fraternity house with Gary Coit, CIA handler of Priscilla Mary Post
Johnson. Devine had nine contacts with DeMphrenschildt, beginning April 25, 1963, just 15 days after the alleged shooting attempt against Gen. Edwin Walker.

Tom Finney was law partner of Clark Clifford, loaned to CIA in 1955 to serve in Denmark, and loaned again in 1968 to the Eugene McCarthy campaign.

The man in this 1964 photo, a close friend and Santa Fe, NM neighbor of Priscilla's first cousin, David C Davenport, formerly of the CIA, was Jerome A Hasty,
aka Hastings, married at the time the photo was taken in late 1964, to the aunt of Clark Clifford, Marguerite Bowman McAdams.

Marina Oswald (left), widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, with friend Jerre Hastings (center) and Priscilla Johnson McMillan. McMillan befriended Oswald after the assassination of JFK. (Josh Reynolds/JOSH REYNOLDS PHOTO)

Again.......... why no interest in Tom's findings/connections?  Is it not pertinent to the thread?  Or is this just 'Ramon's Corner'?


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