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Author Topic: Cold War Figure: John Stormer, ?None Dare Call It Treason? Author, Dies at 90  (Read 3301 times)

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John Stormer, ?None Dare Call It Treason? Author, Dies at 90

John A. Stormer?s 1964 book landed in the year that the Republican Party nominated the conservative Senator Barry M. Goldwater for the presidency. His supporters latched onto it.Credit Liberty Bell Press

John A. Stormer, whose self-published 1964 book, ?None Dare Call It Treason,? became a right-wing favorite despite being attacked as inaccurate in promulgating the notion that American government and institutions were full of Communist sympathizers, died on July 10 in Troy, Mo. He was 90.

The McCoy-Blossom Funeral Home posted news of his death on its website, saying he had fallen ill a year ago.

Mr. Stormer?s book, published by his own Liberty Bell Press, tapped into a vein of conservative alarm that was still very much present in the early 1960s, even though the Red-baiting era of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy had faded in the 1950s.

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This book was seen everywhere in the US back in the day. I haven't personally read it but I do figure, it might be available to read online.

A big deal from back during the Cold War era and the book in this case, from the year after the assassination of JFK.

Has anyone read it? Any comments?
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