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Author Topic: Never Forget: 24th anniversary of the Castro dictatorship?s ?13 de Marzo? Tugboa  (Read 847 times)

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Never Forget: 24th anniversary of the Castro dictatorship?s ?13 de Marzo? Tugboat Massacre in Cuba
July 13, 2018 by Alberto de la Cruz   

On that fateful Wednesday morning of July 13, 1994, 37 Cuban men, women, and children attempted to escape the tyranny and slavery of Cuba?s Castro dictatorship. On board a tugboat named ?13 de Marzo? they had commandeered for their daring escape, they were only able to get seven miles from the Cuban shore before being intercepted by Cuban military vessels. Seven miles was not that far from the life of misery they were trying to leave behind, but it was far enough that the only ones who heard their screams of horror and pain before being swallowed up by the sea were themselves and their executioners.

Despite the now 24-year-long attempt by the Castro regime to silence their screams and in spite of the complicity of the rest of the world?s powers in covering up this heinous crime, their screams for help and mercy can still be heard. The screams of those ten children and 27 adults has joined the screams of tens of thousands of others who have been viciously murdered by the Castro regime.

Those screams will continue, haunting us day and night, until their executioners and the Castros are finally brought to justice.

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