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Title: Misaligned Bullet Trajectory from an [ahem] Terminated Back Wound
Post by: Michael Walton on June 09, 2018, 02:52:20 AM
I thought I had seen most photos of Dallas.  But I found this one in a video.  It's a pretty good likeness of the body positioning of the victims before the shots.

So I ask - how in the world could a bullet be coming from a downward angle, moving right to left, it hitting Kennedy's back (and of course Humes said that wound terminated mid-body) and then make a clean pencil-thin exit in the throat - when Kennedy's neck was turned to the right like this photo?

It seems that a bullet exiting from the throat (from a, ahem...terminated back wound) would have made a tear in the throat vs a pencil thin wound as described by the PMH doctors.