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Title: LHO was regarded by U.S Intelligence as a foreign agent
Post by: Eddie Haymaker on December 20, 2018, 12:17:49 AM
Marina Oswald Porter HSCA 1977

Q. Now, you testified before the Warren Commission that at sometime
in August 1962 Lee Harvey Oswald went outside and spoke to
some FBI men for a couple of hours?
A. If I testified to it, that is probably-I mean that is true.
Q. Do you remember right now as you sit here today, do you remember
that incident where he went outside and spoke to FBI agents?
A. Very, vaguely. Was it in Fort Worth?
Q. I believe that was what your testimony was.
A. That is the memory that I have, that it was in Fort Worth.
Q. Do you recall anything he said to you after he finished speaking
to the FBI men?
A. I recall when he came inside he was quite up set over it and wished
that they had left him alone.
Q. What did he tell you about his relationship with the FBI?'What
were his feelings toward the FBI?
A. The information that he gave me and his reasons for being upset
was because he said he was annoyed by them checking on him ; the only
reason for that is that he just returned from Russia.

So he is obviously under surveillance by the FBI in late 1962
Is it really a stretch that the CIA would also know where he was?
I'm asking you all the question. Is that logical?
So with active surveillance on LHO,he killed JFK, who got fired over this?

Ruth Paine KNOWS the FBI are watching the Oswalds.
She calls the TSBD to get LHO the job interview.
It never dawns on her JFK is driving by this mans building?
After the fact she becomes a "superspy" and uncovers evidence the DPD apparently missed but before the fact she had no curiosity what the Oswalds had in her garage.Oh a rifle I had no idea.
The rifle was not hidden well at all when stored at the Paines.
Why did the secret service tell Marina to stay away from Mrs Paine?
Doesn't Buell Fraziers testimony prove Mrs Paines complicity as the rifle was not transported by LHO that day but by persons unknown.

In his testimony de Mohrenschildt related that he knew LHO owned a rifle. He never thinks to mention that to his friend Mrs Paine who they move in with? They don't hide the rifle or the fact LHO owns it. They MUST both know LHO is being watched by the FBI.

So you are helping some people you don't know really well and the FBI come around to question them.Do you let them stay? Why? and you don't search their things in your home with your children?

We already have established she went to the FBI to give them information regarding the Oswalds.
Dont forget Marina's uncle Ilya Proosakov (whom she was living with) was a Lieutenant colonel with the Soviet government's internal affairs office.

Mrs Paine may not have known herself what the operation was until  the 22nd of November.IMO She is the key to this entire riddle.
Why wasn't she killed? She did very well to survive the operation IMO.She didn't make the same mistake her friend George did.

How much evidence do we need to show Mrs Paine was very probably on some level working clandestinely for the US government in a legitimate operation monitoring the Oswalds ?

please help me answer these questions

C'mon Valenti what say you?