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Re: Prayer Woman
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Re: Prayer Woman
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Quote by Albert.
The best way to describe the sun angle on Nov 22nd in Dealey Plaza are the images I showed that physically show that sun angle on the persons in question...
This is the best representation of that angle and it can't be answered by ignoring it or offering inferior arguments of evidence (or trolling)..

Wrong. Andrej Stancak's angle of the sun is correct.  Lovelady, in the frame Doylio is talking about, is not standing by the centre rail. As per this representation
In it Stancak shows Lovelady stand-ing to the left of the entrance. ..

A competent analyst who examines the Wiegman frames I presented will see they adequately exhibit a shadow plane in the portal that goes from
the edge of the west portal wall over to Lovelady...Lovelady is leaning against the center railing in Wiegman and is visibly seen by the portal
dimensions to be near the middle of the portal...That means any shadow line from the west wall that falls on him is well towards the center of the portal...
If we then go to Stancak's overhead graphic we can see he has drawn his shadow border well to the west side of the portal and far away from where
we see it fall in Wiegman...
But you have proved that you aren't a competent analyst, Albert.
Ray is telling a non-truth here

No he isn't. Ray is telling it as it is, not what Brianwants it to be.

and my argument is correct by any normal standard of academic vetting of evidence
No it isn't. You are totally incompetent.

and Ray's obvious dishonesty is not...

Apparently my dishonesty is visible only to you, Albert.

Now be a good boy, take your pills, and leave the grown ups on here, in peace for a few months.

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Re: Prayer Woman
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"Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder with a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy."

There's nothing wrong with showing confidence in your findings but a man's got to know his limitations!



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